Incurable Defect

Incurable Defect – David Reecher Certain parcels of real property sometimes contain defects that cannot reasonably be cured. When this happens, the result is known as an incurable defect. This b... Read More

Income Property

Income Property – David Reecher Income property is any property where the owner is not living in it and is making money from it. A home that was once owner occupied can become an income property... Read More


Impounds – David Reecher Impounds are the part of a monthly mortgage payment that is kept separate and used to pay for annual costs such as insurance, property taxes and private mortgage insuran... Read More

Impact Fees

Impact Fees – David Reecher Impact fees are taxes imposed by a city or municipality in order to pay for the infrastructure improvements that are necessary when a new development is constructed. ... Read More


Homesteading – David Reecher A homestead is defined as a person’s residence along with the land on which it stands. This can include a separate structure, such as a house, a mobile home, o... Read More