FEE SIMPLE – David Reecher The highest degree of ownership that a person can have in real estate. An interest in real estate that gives the owner unqualified ownership and full power of disposit... Read More


EXCEPTIONS – David Reecher Insurance policies include a list of items excluded from coverage. Items excluded from coverage can be found in section two of Schedule B of the policy.... Read More


EXAMINER – David Reecher Usually referred to, in title industry terms, as title examiner. One who examines and determines the condition and status of real estate titles.... Read More


EXAMINATION – David Reecher In title industry terms, to peruse and study the instruments in a chain of title and to determine their effect and condition in order to reach a conclusion as to the ... Read More


ESTATE – David Reecher (1) A sizable piece of rural land usually with a large house and other pretentious improvements. (2) The whole of one’s possessions, especially all of the property, asse... Read More


ESCROW AGREEMENT – David Reecher A written agreement usually made between buyer, seller and escrow agent, but sometimes only between one person and the escrow agent. It sets forth the conditions... Read More


ESCROW – David Reecher Technically, this term strictly refers to a deed delivered to a third person to be held by him until the fulfillment or performance of some act or condition by the grantee... Read More


ENDORSEMENT – David Reecher Addition to or modification of a title insurance policy that expands or changes coverage of the policy, fulfilling specific requirements of the insured.... Read More