Graduated Lease

Graduated Lease – David Reecher A graduated lease is a lease in which the rent changes from period to period over the lease term.  This type of lease is usually used by a new business tena... Read More

Ginnie Mae

Ginnie Mae – David Reecher Ginnie Mae is the nickname for Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA), a U.S. government agency that purchases FHA and VA mortgages.... Read More


Foreclosure – David Reecher Foreclosure is an enforcement process in which the lender under a defaulted mortgage takes title to the property for the purposes of selling it to recoup moneys owed... Read More

Floating Rate

Floating Rate – David Reecher A type of loan where the interest rate is not fixed over the term but is allowed to vary according to the change in a specified index, and is also referred to as a... Read More