Acceptance – David Reecher Acceptance is a seller’s written statement that approves a buyer’s offer. Say that you are in the market for a new home and begin shopping around. You are ... Read More

Acceleration Clause

Acceleration Clause – David Reecher An acceleration clause is the provision included in a loan agreement that allows the lender to demand payment in full. Ultimately, the remaining balance of th... Read More

Absolute Net

Absolute Net – David Reecher Absolute net is a lease that requires the tenant to pay, in addition to base rent, all costs associated with the operation, repair and maintenance of the building. T... Read More

A-Frame Design

A-Frame Design – David Reecher The term A-frame design refers to a building or home design that features a steeply peaked roofline with a ceiling that opens to the top rafters. The exterior styl... Read More