FHA 203k

FHA 203k – David Reecher A renovation and repair loan through the Federal Housing Authority, typically made for single family properties. David Reecher... Read More

Transaction Broker

Transaction Broker – David Reecher A transaction broker (also referred to as a facilitator, coordinator or contract broker) is not a representative or agent for either the buyer or the seller.&... Read More

Title Search

Title Search – David Reecher A review done by the title company’s representative of all records available to determine if the title is indeed clear of all liens and claims. David Reecher... Read More

Special assessment

Special assessment – David Reecher A tax or levy against real property for improvements.  The fee is not necessarily imposed on all residents of a community, but to the owners of specific prope... Read More

Subordination clause

Subordination clause – David Reecher A clause in which the holder of a mortgage permits a subsequent mortgage to take priority.  Subordination is the act of yielding priority. For example, this... Read More

Special Stipulations

Special Stipulations – ( also called special stips) – David Reecher These are specific instructions written into a contract that are unique to this buyer and this seller and are in addition t... Read More