VA Mortgage

VA Mortgage – David Reecher Typically a 100% loan made to veterans.  They must qualify by providing proof of eligibility.  When selling a house originally purchased through VA eligibi... Read More

VA Funding Fee

VA Funding Fee – David Reecher A funding fee is added to most VA loan amounts, depending on the amount of down payment that the veteran makes. In most cases the fee is 2% of the loan amount.... Read More

Transfer Tax

Transfer Tax – David Reecher A tax that is collected at closing for the transfer of ownership of real property. Paid to the county / state where the property is located.... Read More

Transaction Broker

Transaction Broker – David Reecher A transaction broker (also referred to as a facilitator, coordinator or contract broker) is not a representative or agent for either the buyer or the seller.&... Read More

Title Search

Title Search -David Reecher A review done by the title company’s representative of all records available to determine if the title is indeed clear of all liens and claims.... Read More

Title Insurance

Title Insurance – David Reecher An insurance policy that may be purchased to protect the new owner from any liens or clouds against the title.  In order to issue title insurance, the issue... Read More

Tenancy in Common

Tenancy in Common – David Reecher A type of ownership in which two or more people have an undivided interest in property, without the right of survivorship. Upon death of one of the owners, his... Read More