JOINT TENANTS – David Reecher Two or more persons who hold title to real estate jointly, with equal rights to share in its enjoyment during their respective lives with the provision that upon the de... Read More


HAZARD INSURANCE – David Reecher Real estate insurance protecting against fire, some natural causes, vandalism, etc., depending upon the policy. The buyer often adds liability insurance and extended... Read More


FORECLOSURE – David Reecher A legal proceeding for the collection of real estate mortgages and other types of liens on real estate, which results in cutting off the right to redeem the mortgaged pro... Read More


FEE SIMPLE – David Reecher The highest degree of ownership that a person can have in real estate. An interest in real estate that gives the owner unqualified ownership and full power of disposition.... Read More


EXCEPTIONS – David Reecher Insurance policies include a list of items excluded from coverage. Items excluded from coverage can be found in section two of Schedule B of the policy.... Read More