Square Footage

Square Footage – David Reecher Square footage refers to the amount of livable space in a building. This does not always reflect the total square footage of a building, however. Unfinished space, suc... Read More

Speculation Home

Speculation Home – David Reecher A speculation home is one that has been built without securing a particular buyer. It is a high-risk real estate investment that assumes a buyer for the home will be... Read More


Specifications – David Reecher When a building is constructed, it must be done so according to several specifications. The contractor may specify that only materials of a certain quality are used to... Read More

Tax Lien

Tax Lien – David Reecher A tax lien is an encumbrance placed against a property for unpaid property taxes. The transaction of selling a property cannot be completed until the tax lien is paid in ful... Read More


Setback – David Reecher Setback is a technical property term that refers to the minimum distance that a house must be from the end of the lot line. The specific setback distance is determined by the... Read More


Servicer – David Reecher A loan servicer acts as a third party to a lender and collects and monitors various payments regarding loans, including taxes, and the mortgage itself. Loan servicers can be... Read More