Subordinate Loan

Subordinate Loan – David Reecher A subordinate loan is also known as a second mortgage, but a subordinate loan can also be a third mortgage. These loans are separate from the original mortgage that ... Read More


Sublease – David Reecher In the world of real estate, the word “sublease” usually refers to a rental agreement between a tenant who is legally bound by a lease and wishes to either get out of it... Read More


Subdivision – David Reecher A subdivision is an area of property that a landowner divides into two or more smaller parcels of land. The purpose of subdividing is generally to make a large area of la... Read More


Sub-agent _ David Reecher A subagent is essentially a secondary agent to any given transaction. A subagent is the person who brings a buyer to the property, but they are not the listing agent, for who... Read More

Straight Sale

Straight Sale – David Reecher A straight sale is one where a property owner conveys the title to land and existing improvements. This type of sale is subject to the sales contract provisions and the... Read More

Straight Purchase

Straight Purchase – David Reecher A straight purchase occurs in a transaction for a newly built home. In this scenario, the buyer provides a down payment to the home builder before the home builder ... Read More

Step-Rate Mortgage

Step-Rate Mortgage – David Reecher A step-rate mortgage is a type of adjustable-rate mortgage loan that allows for an increase in the interest rate after given time periods during the specified leng... Read More

Starter Home

Starter Home – David Reecher A starter home is the relatively straightforward name given to low-cost homes purchased by first time home buyers. These are usually one or two bedroom homes that repres... Read More