New Urbanism

New Urbanism – David Reecher New Urbanism is a design movement within urban design. It promotes neighborhoods that are walkable and contain a variety of home types and varied job opportunities. ... Read More

Net Worth

Net Worth – David Reecher An individual’s net worth is the difference between his or her total assets and his or her total liabilities. Stated another way, it is everything that you own le... Read More

Net Rentable Area

Net Rentable Area – David Reecher Net rentable area is also known as rentable area, net rentable square feet or usable area. The simple definition is that the net rentable area is the area (or s... Read More

Net Lease

Net Lease – David Reecher A net lease is an agreement for a tenant to pay a base amount plus a portion of the operating expenses of a property. When the tenant is the sole occupant of the proper... Read More

Net Cash Flow

Net Cash Flow – David Reecher Net cash flow describes the amount of profits after deducting operating expenses like taxes, insurance, interest and principal. Investors are interested in knowing ... Read More

Mortgage Lender

Mortgage Lender – David Reecher The mortgage lender is the bank or financial entity that loans money to the person buying the home. Many buyers rely on mortgage lenders for the cash that allows ... Read More