Teaser Rate

Teaser Rate – David Reecher A teaser rate is a low interest rate that is offered as a way to attract borrowers. The teaser rate is usually a short-term rate that eventually increases to a higher int... Read More

Tear-Down Condition

Tear-Down Condition – David Reecher Tear-down condition refers to a home that needs a complete refurbishment and rebuild inside. Tear-down condition homes are sometimes ideal for an investment. Many... Read More

Tax Shelter

Tax Shelter – David Reecher A tax shelter is a method for reducing taxable income by investing in certain protected asset categories. There are legal and illegal tax shelters. The goal of a tax shel... Read More

Tax Sale

Tax Sale – David Reecher A tax sale is when the government sells a property because the owner has failed to pay the taxes on it. This is a common procedure when someone passes away and the family ca... Read More

Tax Lien

Tax Lien – David Reecher A tax lien is an encumbrance placed against a property for unpaid property taxes. The transaction of selling a property cannot be completed until the tax lien is paid in ful... Read More

Tax Deduction

Tax Deduction – David Reecher A tax deduction is a limited break on tax liability given by the federal government. An allowed deduction gives a person the ability to deduct a certain amount from his... Read More

Tap Fees

Tap Fees – David Reecher Tap fees are the charges assessed to install a new water or sewer connection to a municipal or privately owned source. A tap fee is assessed according to the size of the pip... Read More

Sweat Equity

Sweat Equity – David Reecher Sweat equity refers to anything done to a property that doesn’t necessarily have a cash value attached to it. For example, repairing the faucet may be thought of as sw... Read More


Survey – David Reecher A survey is a legal document prepared by a licensed surveyor that defines the exact boundary, size and features of a tract of land. It can be used to determine the exact dimen... Read More