Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurance – David Reecher Housing lenders want to be assured that they will receive their money for the money that they loaned to customers, even if these customers suffer financial dif... Read More

Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker – David Reecher Homebuyers who want to be matched up with the best lender often use the services of a mortgage broker in their search for financing. A mortgage broker pairs lende... Read More

Mortgage Banker

Mortgage Banker – David Reecher A mortgage banker is a person, company or firm that originates and funds loans for primary and secondary residential mortgage loans. Normally, a mortgage banker u... Read More


Mortgage – David Reecher Mortgages are the loans that borrowers use to secure financing for their home. There are several different types of mortgages that a borrower can choose from. The intere... Read More

Money Market Account

Money Market Account – David Reecher Similar to a savings account at your local bank or credit union, money market accounts allow individual investors to earn higher interest rates on their cash... Read More

Modified Gross

Modified Gross – David Reecher Modified gross refers to a specific type of lease agreement. For this reason, it is most commonly known as a modified gross lease. In a modified gross lease, the o... Read More


Modification – David Reecher Modification is simply a revision of the terms of a loan contract. The modification can include changes to the length of the loan, the annual percentage rate, princi... Read More