Co-Housing – David Reecher Co-housing involves a housing situation with individual housing units clustered around a common area where residents share cooking and other communal activities. The l... Read More

Cluster Development

Cluster Development – David Reecher A cluster development describes a system of compressing more homes into a constricted space. Cluster developments are commonly found in urban neighborhoods wh... Read More

Cloud on Title

Cloud on Title – David Reecher Cloud on title is a term referring to an apparent encumbrance on real estate property. Part of most real estate transactions is getting title insurance, which requ... Read More

Closing Statement

Closing Statement – David Reecher A closing statement is a statement that outlines the final details of a real estate transaction. It lists all the costs of the transaction and indicates the one... Read More

Closing Costs

Closing Costs – David Reecher Banks and financial institutions charge fees for creating the mortgage loan. The closing costs generally amount to about 1 to 5 percent of the mortgage but can vary... Read More


Closing – David Reecher For the home buyer, the real estate closing is the final step into home ownership. There are usually many documents to sign, depending the type of mortgage. A cash purcha... Read More

Clear Title

Clear Title – David Reecher In real estate, the term clear title is the definition for property that is clear from liens, encumbrances and judgments, and it belongs solely to the owner. Other te... Read More

Chattel Mortgage

Chattel Mortgage – David Reecher A chattel mortgage is a loan to buy a personal item where the item is security for the loan. Originating in Anglo-Saxon law, the term chattel refers to movable p... Read More