What is a townhouse? – David Reecher

A townhouse is a type of home that’s usually constructed as a two- or three-story unit with a common wall or walls bordering the adjacent unit. The common form of ownership is similar to a condominium project, in that the property owner not only owns his or her respective unit, but also owns an undivided interest in any common area. Townhouse ownership sometimes differs from condominium ownership in that the townhouse owner owns the physical structure rather than just the airspace between the walls, floor and ceiling. However, in some areas “townhouse” can refer to the physical style of the structure rather than the form of ownership.

In Maryland, let’s use the name townhouse to refer to the style of the property. Most of the townhouses in the state of Maryland are “Fee Simple” ownership – this means you own your individual townhouse structure, inside and out, plus you own the ground that it sits on.

The other form of townhouse ownership in Maryland is “Condo Ownership”. In this case, you own the interior of your home, but not the physical structure. You also own an interest in the common areas.

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