Acknowledgment – David Reecher Acknowledgement is a legal term that refers to a declaration that affirms a person acted on their own free will. In the real estate lending industry, acknowledgeme... Read More


Accretion – David Reecher Accretion is the gradual buildup of sand and silt along the shores or banks of a waterway. For an easy way to picture accretion, the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi ... Read More


Accessibility – David Reecher Accessibility has to do with the extent at which a disabled person is provided ease of entry into and throughout the confines of a building. In new housing construc... Read More


Access – David Reecher Access is the means that enable a person to enter a piece of land or property. There are several examples of access, and the most common form is the streets, roads and sid... Read More


Acceptance – David Reecher Acceptance is a seller’s written statement that approves a buyer’s offer. Say that you are in the market for a new home and begin shopping around. You are ... Read More

Acceleration Clause

Acceleration Clause – David Reecher An acceleration clause is the provision included in a loan agreement that allows the lender to demand payment in full. Ultimately, the remaining balance of th... Read More