Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker – David Reecher A real estate broker is someone you can work with if you want to sell your home or buy a home. The broker will meet with you and discuss what your budget is if... Read More

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent – David Reecher Real Estate Agents are licensed by the state they work in to assist with the buying or selling of a home. Most real estate agents work for a real estate company... Read More

Real Estate

Real Estate – David Reecher Real Estate is a common term used to describe any given piece of land along with anything that is permanently attached to that land, such as buildings, housing, natur... Read More

Rate Lock

Rate Lock – David Reecher A rate lock is a commitment between a lender and buyer to hold a certain interest rate and other upfront charges for a certain length of time, normally while a loan is ... Read More

Quit-Claim Deed

Quit-Claim Deed – David Reecher A quit-claim deed transfers the ownership of a piece of real property from the seller to the buyer. If ownership is transferred with a quit-claim deed, the buyer ... Read More

Qualifying Ratios

Qualifying Ratios – David Reecher Qualifying ratios are financial ratios used by mortgage lenders to qualify a potential home-buyer for a mortgage loan. They are essentially debt-to-income ratio... Read More