Inspection Report

Inspection Report – David Reecher An inspection report is a written report completed by a third-party, licensed home inspector. Upon conducting a home site visit, the home inspector will survey ... Read More


Infrastructure – David Reecher Infrastructure consists of the basic organizational structures that are required for society or a business to function. The word traces its roots to the beginning ... Read More


Inflation – David Reecher Inflation refers to the rise in prices of products and services over time. As prices go up, the value of currency declines, causing a unit of currency’s purchasin... Read More


Interest – David Reecher Interest is a fee that a borrower pays to a lender for the use of assets. Usually, the asset that is borrowed is cash. In addition, interest is often earned through savi... Read More

Infill Housing

Infill Housing – David Reecher Infill housing refers to new home construction in areas with existing homes. One circumstance where infill housing may occur is in older neighborhoods where homes ... Read More

Infill Development

Infill Development – David Reecher An infill development is simply any property constructed of particular importance in an already established and developed area. The purpose of an infill develo... Read More


Index – David Reecher An index is a financial table that is used by lenders and bankers to calculate the interest rates on adjustable mortgages or on treasury bills. Mathematical tables are simp... Read More

Incurable Defect

Incurable Defect – David Reecher Certain parcels of real property sometimes contain defects that cannot reasonably be cured. When this happens, the result is known as an incurable defect. This b... Read More