Easement – David Reecher An easement is a legal agreement to give a certain part of a property to a third party for a specified purpose. Often, an easement can be given by a landowner to someone... Read More

Earnest Money

Earnest Money – David Reecher Earnest money is the money a potential buyer puts down to show that he or she is serious about making an offer on any potential real estate sale. This money, which ... Read More

Early Occupancy

Early Occupancy – David Reecher Early occupancy is a term that is used to describe when a seller of a home allows the buyer to move into that home before the actual sale is closed. This type of ... Read More

Discount Points

Discount Points – David Reecher Discount Points are fees paid to a mortgage lender that allow the borrower to obtain a lower interest mortgage loan by paying a small upfront premium towards clos... Read More


Default – David Reecher Lenders require that borrowers make payments on time each month or as agreed upon when the money was loaned. People who do not make their payments on time or who abandon ... Read More

Deed of Trust

Deed of Trust – David Reecher A deed of trust is a form of evidence that a debt exists. In most situations, it is the documentation of a transfer of property to another person or party for them ... Read More


Deed – David Reecher A deed for your property establishes that you are the legal owner of that property. When you sell your building, the deed to that building will then be transferred to the ne... Read More

Debt Service

Debt Service – David Reecher It is periodic cash payments for principal and interest on pre-existing debt, which may include outstanding loans and other financial obligations. Debt service can a... Read More