Agent – David Reecher An agent is an individual who is able to handle real estate transactions. This job typically includes things like listing properties for sale, arranging viewings, negotiati... Read More

Agency Closing

Agency Closing – David Reecher Lenders often use a title company or other firm as an agent to complete loans. An agency closing happens when a title company is acting as the lender’s agent... Read More


Agency – David Reecher Agency is the relationship between a real estate agent and a buyer or seller. This relationship is created when a written contract is drawn up between the parties. Once th... Read More

Adverse Use

Adverse Use – David Reecher Adverse use describes the process by which a person can illegitimately obtain the title to a property without the consent or permission of the property owner. A perso... Read More


Administrator – David Reecher An administrator is a person who is given the power to distribute and manage the estate of a deceased person who left no will behind. In this way, administrators ar... Read More