Blue Sky Laws

Blue Sky Laws – David Reecher Blue sky laws are federal securities regulations that are designed to protect investors from highly risky investments and nefarious practices by people who sell inv... Read More

Blighted Area

Blighted Area – David Reecher A blighted area is a neighborhood or vicinity that has deteriorated. Various factors contribute to this deterioration including crime, foreclosures and the closing ... Read More

Application Fee

Application Fee – David Reecher The application fee is the non-refundable charge that a lender might choose to assess in order to process a mortgage application. This fee is charged in order to ... Read More


Application – David Reecher When you make the decision to buy a house, you will complete an application. An application is the information that you will submit to the bank that offers specific d... Read More


Annuity – David Reecher An annuity is a payment of a fixed sum of money to a lender at set intervals that are decided at the start of the annuity. Most annuities are paid off month to month. Eve... Read More