CHAIN OF TITLE – David Reecher Beginning with a conveyance out of an original source of title such as a government, each succeeding deed, will or other medium which conveys and transfers the tit... Read More


APR – David Reecher Annual Percentage Rate. The yearly interest percentage of a loan as expressed by the actual rate of interest paid.... Read More


AMORTIZATION – David Reecher This term has developed through French and Old English from the Latin words “mors” or “mort” meaning death or dead. It is the killing off of an existing debt... Read More


ALTA – David Reecher American Land Title Association, the national trade association for the title insurance industry. ALTA member companies include businesses that conduct your closing and issu... Read More


ALL-INCLUSIVE RATE – David Reecher This is a rate that includes the insurance premium, and at least some part of the cost of the title search, examination and the cost of conducting the closing/... Read More