Planned Communities

Planned Communities – David Reecher Planned communities is a broad term used to describe any a town or neighborhood that is built with guidelines and common goals. This is a trend that began in ... Read More

Personal Property

Personal Property – David Reecher Personal property is any piece of property within the home that is movable. This might refer to appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. It might als... Read More

Per-Diem Interest

Per-Diem Interest – David Reecher Per-diem interest is the amount of interest charged on a loan on a daily basis. When someone borrows money, the lender charges a certain percentage of interest.... Read More

Payment Cap

Payment Cap – David Reecher The payment cap is the legal limit for the increase of a person’s monthly payment when part of an adjustable-rate mortgage. These mortgages have rates that are ... Read More

Patent Defect

Patent Defect – David Reecher A patent defect is an important and tangible problem with a piece of real property. This would not include little problems with fixtures on the property; rather, it... Read More

Passive Loss

Passive Loss – David Reecher Passive loss results from a business activity in which an individual or entity does not actively engage such as renting out real estate by an individual who is not i... Read More


Partnership – David Reecher There are different ways that two individuals who are not married can enter into a partnership to acquire a piece of real estate together. A live-in partnership has b... Read More