Reserve Fund

Reserve Fund – David Reecher A reserve fund is the amount reserved to provide funds for future expenses in order to maintain a cooperative or condominium building and is managed by the building&... Read More

Rent Stabilization

Rent Stabilization – David Reecher Another form of rent regulation, rent stabilization usually applies to buildings built before 1974 and apartments removed from rent control.  After the rent h... Read More

Rent Control

Rent Control – David Reecher A form of rent regulation, rent control occurs when an apartment has tenants that have been in continual residence since July 1, 1971, or other qualified occupants t... Read More


Redlining – David Reecher Redlining is the resistance of lending institutions to make loans for the purchase, construction, or repair of a dwelling due to the socio-economic conditions of the pr... Read More