Tip #1: Post photos of your house on sites – Posting your listing online directories can help improve your chances of selling fast. Nearly all buyers check online for houses, so don’t get left behind. By David Reecher

Tip #2: Price it right – Nothing beats doing your research and setting the right price.  A good real estate agent will know how to derive at the right price. So don’t be afraid of speaking with some local real estate agents. By David Reecher

Tip #3: Hiring the right Realtor – To sell your house faster, a good Realtor might just be all you need. Make sure you choose one who’s good at marketing and is “hungry” to sell your property. If you are selling an investment property, focus on finding one who also understands the investing side of things. David Reecher

Tip #4: Leave neutral furniture and accessories – Naturally, you want to get rid of all personal items and all family pictures from around the house (clear the clutter, remember?) However, having neutral furniture and accessories in the home can help a buyer visualize what the home will look like for them. “staging” your property correctly is important. David Reecher

Tip #5: Turn lights on – Makes a good presentation by turning on all the lights in the house before the prospective buyers get there. Simple trick – but it works. David Reecher

David Reecher

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