Transfer Tax

Transfer Tax – David Reecher Transfer tax is assessed by local or state governments on transfers of real property. Typically, when you buy or sell property, one of the parties (usually the selle... Read More


Trans-Union – David Reecher Trans-Union is the country’s third largest credit reporting bureau and offers a range of information to banks, creditors, lenders and borrowers. Trans-Union was... Read More

Trading Up

Trading Up – David Reecher A buyer is said to be trading up when he or she purchases a home that is more expensive than the home he or she currently owns. Buyers may be trading up for several re... Read More

Trading Down

Trading Down – David Reecher Whenever buyers purchase a home that is less expensive than the one they currently reside in, this is referred to as trading down. This is sometimes done when homeow... Read More

Trade Equity

Trade Equity – David Reecher In the world of real estate, trade equity is the money that is given when a prospective buyer sells an existing property in order to finance the down payment on the ... Read More

Total Expense Ratio

Total Expense Ratio – David Reecher Total expense ratio is a term used to refer to the ratio made up of a borrower’s total monthly debt as compared to their monthly gross income. Lenders a... Read More

Title Search

Title Search – David Reecher A title search is used as part of a real estate transaction and determines the actual ownership of a property as well as the existence of any encumbrances or liens. ... Read More

Title Risk

Title Risk – David Reecher A title risk refers to anything that might impede the transfer of a title from one owner to another. When making a property purchase, a buyer is always running the ris... Read More

Title Insurance

Title Insurance – David Reecher Title insurance is a type of protection that is offered to lenders and buyers to prevent financial damages from disputes over property ownership. Title insurance ... Read More